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Global Art Colours Face Paint Neon Glow Set 5 x 23ml Pots
Price RM49.20
Product SKU 1714269Glo-Bod
Brand Global Body Art
Size (L x W x H) 25 cm x 8 cm x 6 cm
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Global Art Colours Face Paint Neon Glow Set 5 x 23ml Pots

1714269Glo-Bod, Global Art Colours Face Paint - Neon Glow Set 5 x 23ml Pots

Set includes:
-> 5 pots 23ml with Colors as follow:
          - 1 Neon Pink
          - 1 Neon Yellow
          - 1 Neon Orange
          - 1 Neon Green
          - 1 Glow-in-the-Dark
-> 1 Sponge
-> 1 Brush

- All Colors can mix easily
- Easy wash-off (remove) with soap and water
- Excellent Drying time
- Excellent Coverage
- Apply with brush or/and sponge
- for Airbrushing dilute with water

Perfect for the professional face painter, mum’s, hobbyists or fundraising events.

With over 20 years experience Global Art Colours is famous for the quality and safety of their water-based products.

Global Art Colours Face Paint range comes in 3 available Sets:

1 - Fairy Princess Set – 1 White, 1 Pink, 1 Silver Glitter, 1 Purple, 1 Light Blue, 1 Sponge and 1 Brush

2 - Starter Set – 1 White, 1 Black, 1 Red, 1 Blue, 1 Yellow, 1 Sponge and 1 Brush

3     NEON Glow Set – 1 Neon Pink, 1 Neon Yellow, 1 Neon Orange, 1 Neon Green, 1 Glow in the Dark, 1 Sponge and 1 Brush 


– From Global Colours –

Application – Global Colours Body Paint has a smooth soft paste texture which allows it to be used directly from the jar and dries to a soft velvety finish.  All colours are inter-mixable allowing you to create an infinite palette.

Quality and Safety – Global products puts a great emphasis on the quality and safety of their products. Manufactured under the strictest safety guidelines with FDA and EU approved ingredients.  You can purchase and use this product with confidence.

Hypoallergenic – All face and body paint is specifically designed to be gentle, even on the most delicate types of skin.  The Global Products Face and body Paint range are all fragrance free.

Washable – This range is water based and is extremely easy to apply and remove.

Adult supervision is recommended with this product.

Please note: The colour may be slightly different to the picture.


If You Have Always Wonder, here are some answer to enlighten your day about:
- How do Glow-In-The-Dark things work?
- Does neon glow in the dark?

How do Glow-In-The-Dark things work?

Glow-in-the-dark paint - or phosphorescent paints - glow because they retain the energy of light and release it slowly over time.
They are a bit like rechargeable batteries in that sense, but rather than storing and releasing electrons they store and release photons.
The mechanism behind this (in theory) is quantum mechanical.
In simple terms, when a photon interacts with most materials, its energy is absorbed and then quickly released at frequencies specific to that material; the molecules in question jump to a higher energy state then immediately drop back down to a resting state, re-emitting a photon.
Phosphorescent materials, however, absorb the energy and jump to an energy state that does not allow immediate re-release; the states in which that energy can be released are (in QM terms) statistically unlikely, so the molecules only return to resting state (releasing photons) slowly over time.
The result is a protracted glow.
(Source: Quora / How do Glow-In-The-Dark things work? Answered Aug 25, 2015)

Does neon glow in the dark?

By itself it does not glow. Neon lights create light due to glow discharge caused by electrodes inserted into tube.
Electricity at sufficent voltage will ionize neon allowing current to pass throught it resulting in discharge that create visible light.
Different gases will create different colors.
Neon will create red coloured light.
(Source: Quora / Does Neon Glow In The Dark? Answered Aug 6, 2015)

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Global Art Colours Face Paint Neon Glow Set 5 x 23ml Pots