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Air Dry Clay
Air Dry Clay
Air Dry Clay

Paper Clay is a non-toxic modelling clay that can be sculpted, moulded or shaped then air dries (no baking!) to an harden finish that can be carved, or sanded - perfect for artists and crafters of all kinds for all your Air Drying Clay Ideas.

Air Dry Clay (sometimes referred to as Paper Clay) is any clay body to which processed cellulose fibre (paper being the most common) has been added.

It’s a modelling clay, which dries and hardens in the air

Features and Specifications:
- Mostly homogeneous with fine texture
- The texture of the clay allows the work of the most delicate modelling as thin fingerprinting for any Air Dry Clay Sculptures
- No smell
- No sticking to hands
- Drying time: minimum 24 h/cm (depending upon the air humidity)
- No shrinkage when drying

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